Product Information - Drops

DHU’s Influcid® – oral drops, solution, like Tablets, are indicated for the prevention and treatment of feverish flu-like infections and other acute viral upper respiratory tract infections as well as for supportive treatment of influenza. Using a unique combination of natural ingredients, it addresses the upper respiratory tract infections, caused by viruses.

Influcid® presented in the traditional form for the homeopathic drugs is the same unique combination of the natural ingredients found in tablets but placed in a solution of alcohol and water. Convenient to use at home in its’ proven traditional form for a straight to the point action. The product is indicated for use by adults due to the alcohol content.

Please consult your local language website or the package insert for details regarding your country.

Note that Influcid® Drops has been commercially available in Germany since 1928, produced and marketed then by the DHU’s mother company - Schwabe:
• 1928: Grippetropfen
• 1930: Grippe-Tropfen "Original Schwabe"
• 1935: Grippe-Tropfen "Nisylen"

Important information about some of the ingredients of Influcid®: this medicine contains 46 % v/v alcohol. See the Ingrdients page for details regarding the restrictions and special care with INFLUCID drops, oral solution.

Influcid Tablets
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